I have reached a certain age where friends are taking ‘restorative weekends’ away and coming back looking just short of a science experiment. I understand I suppose. If you’re going to take those kind of drastic measures to fight father time then might as well get your bang for the buck. I might also beContinue reading “Sunspots”

The Writing Series: What’s your position?

Back to the sexy talk. Warning: the easily offended or embarrassed click out now. I’ll be honest I don’t think I’m going to get into too much detail but I’ve learned to err on the side of excess caution in this day and age of the reckless easily incited lynch mob. So I’ve written someContinue reading “The Writing Series: What’s your position?”

Act 1 Scene 1

Ok let’s talk romantic scenes from movies today and give the poets a break. This one…and the whole damn movie. I LOVE IT! I was 100% confident I would marry someone who wore a fedora after this movie. As well as wear every single outfit she wore in this movie. This one is so beautifulContinue reading “Act 1 Scene 1”


I did it! I posted 365 days consecutively. Mother of Animals, that was not easy. The only day I skipped was the Black Lives Matter day and that’s only because I didn’t do my research and find out what the real purpose of that day was suppose to be. Do your research. It would haveContinue reading “Yahooooo!”


Somehow when I went back to get these from my feed I must have doubled the same one for 6/24 and 6/25. I’m curious which one I missed. But not curious enough to scroll back that far on my feed. So I added an extra one to make up for the lost one. Off toContinue reading “PromptLand”


I’ve been volunteering at a local shelter facility. Shelter doesn’t really do it justice because they incorporate all aide – shelter, food hall, food distribution, stores, career, health. Anyway, I haven’t been able to go for the past couple weeks due to work conflicts. I tried to sign up for this week thinking ‘well they’llContinue reading “Giving”

The Writing Series: Words

Isn’t the word, word such a weird word? I have to start with that because I keep thinking that word as I think about what to write about wordcount. Word is a weird word. Right, now, my story is at 103,000 words. It’s too long and I’m too tired of it to try to cutContinue reading “The Writing Series: Words”