Thrill Me

So for this creative Saturday I’m revisiting some of my stories that fizzled out. It happens sometimes. One of the more disappointing times was the time I tried to write a thriller. It was a romance thriller of course. And I thought I was onto a good one but then I don’t know what happened.Continue reading “Thrill Me”

Climb On

The kids started climbing a few years ago and last year took a rock climbing camp. Since camps are out for this year we booked a family day of climbing. Mom and Dad, the nubes, got some training on the wall in the morning then we headed out to the rock. The fact remains thatContinue reading “Climb On”

Runner’s High

I’m not a runner. I’ve tried and tried but every time I try I find myself wondering, about 5 minutes into a run, WTH am I doing? I play tennis and I’m decent. That requires a certain amount of running or really fast sprinting depending on if I’m playing someone at my skill level.  IContinue reading “Runner’s High”

Whoa Nelly

Wednesday is usually one of my riding days when I’m at home. If you follow me, you know I love my time at the barn. So when I scheduled a family trail ride there was irony that it fell on a Wednesday. The kids love to ride, my older in particular. My SO isn’t asContinue reading “Whoa Nelly”


SM is all about Top ‘??’ lists. I’m terrible at narrowing anything down and all of these lists are the broadest realities you could ever be asked. What’s your favorite word? Ice cream? Golden Girls? (BTW, that last one is Rose. Maybe Blanche. I dunno Sophia.) The only way I could answer any of theseContinue reading “Literally”

It’s a Process

I have some ideas for blog posts after I finish my rewrite. This story has taken on a life of its own. The more I think about it the more I realize if I hadn’t invested money in it I would have written it off as one of my lesser attempts and moved on toContinue reading “It’s a Process”

Yankee Doodle Dandy

I know it’s not popular to be patriotic. I know this country is steeped in centuries of ignorant, violent, dangerous outlooks and behavior. So this isn’t gong to be an ‘I know this but…’ set up. It is what it is and I hope we are on a path to fundamental change. Our country isContinue reading “Yankee Doodle Dandy”

ICQ over DSL later?

Our cabin is struggling this year with connectivity.  It happens, mountain problems.  If we were here for a week no biggie but when you’ve moved operations of your tech company for a few months it’s a big deal that your download rate is .07 and upload .06.  Don’t even ask about sending a text orContinue reading “ICQ over DSL later?”

Lightning Bug

I grew up calling them fireflies.  It’s the eternal pop vs soda debate. When I got to college in Boulder, in spite of all the times I skied out in Colorado, I was made aware that fizzy drinks were called pop.  Lol. Ok. People had full on debates, dare I say fights, about this.  WhatContinue reading “Lightning Bug”