Thank You, Next

I saw a post on Twitter talking about the end of the decade and things that had happened to the poster.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’m going to hijack that idea but do it but in reverse.  One of my first mentors when I was living in the Big Apple playing atContinue reading “Thank You, Next”


It’s Christmas Eve, whew.  I’m always ready for the hoopla to be over by now.  Christmas Eve is actually my very favorite day of the year.  Not much can be done and for me if it hasn’t been done by now I’m going to issue an apology and a promise to rectify things the dayContinue reading “Nochebuena”

Raising the Standards

My kids took a standardized test they’ve been studying for recently. I debated waiting until we received the scores before writing on this topic. But the results don’t matter. It’s a hot one for me so expect it to rear its three headed ugliness again. In case that last sentence didn’t reveal my feelings towardsContinue reading “Raising the Standards”

Stay On Target

I’ve waited long enough to address this issue but it needs addressing, Star Wars.  It’s coming, soon.  Thank the lord above because if I have to hear one more researched theory or movie review or obscure plotline correction from a child who has spent way more time on this than they ever have on AlgebraContinue reading “Stay On Target”

When I Grow Up

I long ago officially became my mother, someone I swore to never become.  I am much more self aware and work very hard to temper my sharp edges because I know from personal experience how deep they cut and how long they sting.  I don’t want to forge that sort of relationship with my kids,Continue reading “When I Grow Up”


It’s that time of year when they play all the nostalgic movies.  As a registered sap, I’m down for every single one of them.  Sound of Music was on a few days ago.  I love that movie, so much.  I should qualify there aren’t many musicals that I don’t love, movie, Broadway, off Broadway, communityContinue reading “WIP”

No Laughing Matter

I don’t think we give laughter enough credit.  It’s generally much harder to make a person laugh than cry. A few well placed triggers and you can have a whole audience sobbing into their tissues. I’ve sat in comedy clubs, Broadway shoes and comedy movies where jokes fell flatter than my chocolate souffles. It wasContinue reading “No Laughing Matter”

Be Better

We took the kids to a Holiday Pops concert over the weekend. The whole family made it nephews and grandparents and great aunts.  It was wonderful, great energy, beautiful music.  The woman with the unbelievable voice who once toured with Doc Severinsen (Doc Severinsen! hadn’t thought about him in years) sang one of my favoriteContinue reading “Be Better”

Addressing a Tough One

It’s two days after Sandy Hook anniversary.  I’m trying to plan these blog pieces ahead and have them scheduled because my schedule doesn’t always allow for me to be at a place where I can focus on social media for a far reaching dream that I can’t give up on.  Saturday I noticed it wasContinue reading “Addressing a Tough One”