Cheating the System

Tropes. I see the question asked in the community. Sometimes it’s asked with a veneer of not even veiled derision like a tiger waiting to pounce on the idiot who answers with a ‘sure why not’. Other times it’s asked genuinely like ‘should we shouldn’t we?’. Other times it’s asked with a ‘f’ it –Continue reading “Cheating the System”

A Quiet Mind

The house is quiet on Monday/Wednesday when the kids go to school. The other days they do virtual at home. It reminds me of the days when they went to school (before homeschooling) and my SO was traveling nonstop and I was working from home. There’s a weird quiet to everything that I’m not usedContinue reading “A Quiet Mind”

Charmed, I’m Sure

Long, long ago I was watching Johnny Carson and he had on Jimmy Stewart. Yes, I’m that old. Anyway. This was before TCM, probably before cable TV and so definitely before I had the chance to see many of the wonderful classics. Back then the classics that would play on the 3-5 channels we gotContinue reading “Charmed, I’m Sure”

And So It Goes

If you can’t tell this was when the crazy began it’s long crazy march through our lives. It’s quaint the things I worried about then. Toilet paper and cancelled vanity appointments. I feel like those days were like the movie Independence Day. Now we’re in Mad Max stage. I don’t even want to think aboutContinue reading “And So It Goes”

Organize This

I’m in full Maria Kondo swing. This is funny because I have never, not once, watched her show or seen what she does in action. But I have heard about her so I do know she’s an organizer. And maybe I’ve just insulted all Kondo-ites with that over simplification. But nothing she’s doing is newsContinue reading “Organize This”

Marketing Blitz

As I proofread and put the final nails in this WIP, I’m trying to figure out how to market. I do plan to spend a little money. Buy some advertising. I may start dropping some quotes other eye catchers to get people interested. I’ve never sent out my books for professional reviews from genre sites/publicationsContinue reading “Marketing Blitz”