Raising the Standards – Repost

This is a repost from a 12/23/2019. The original post is below. My kids took a standardized test they’ve been studying for recently. I debated waiting until we received the scores before writing on this topic. But the results don’t matter. It’s a hot one for me so expect it to rear its three headedContinue reading “Raising the Standards – Repost”

Cat Fight

I’m a Royal-o-phile. Is that a word? Royalist? I feel like I’ve heard that one before. I know this interest started with my mother who woke up at an ungodly hour to watch Diana marry Charles way back when. Aside from the obvious fairy tale aspect, there is also the deep, rich, fascinating history ofContinue reading “Cat Fight”

Hemp There It Is

Recently my SO got me a bottle of CBD oil because sleep and I had a falling out a long time ago and insomnia has kicked my ass lately. CBD is supposed to help with that as well as the general aches I live with as a result of my lifestyle. I’m very active becauseContinue reading “Hemp There It Is”

Data Manipulation

Ahh, the algorithm. It’s kinda fun, one of my favorite WTF SM moments. I don’t know what the ‘algorithm’ is but goddamn it has a reputation and it’s not a good one. I wonder if it’s like that Emporer’s New Clothes thing? We’re all bemoaning the algorithm but really all the engineers at Twitter areContinue reading “Data Manipulation”


My youngest is trying to recreate Flappy Birds. I’ve mentioned it before that this child sits right at prodigy level. Unlike everyone else in hyped up suburbia we’ve never had them tested. When someone is like this you don’t need to. That’s the irony. Every child in my near reach is ‘gifted’. There’s a hugeContinue reading “Trending”


It’s one of my favorite days, riding day. Right now I only get to ride a few times a week but if I had my way, my bed would be in the stables. I love to ride. I love my guy even if he is kind of an ass and got himself punished for badContinue reading “GidyUp”

Not At All

I work at home and it’s the time of year when our weather turns to open the window weather. Once or twice in this season it might be too cool but otherwise my windows are open. I can always hear the kids in the neighbor yard swimming in their pool – no matter what theContinue reading “Not At All”

Heartache Medication

I’m a late comer to country music. Which is crazy because all of my uncles and especially my grandfather, the ultimate patriarch, loved all things country. I can see him now in his elder years (he died at 97) in his dress shorts with dress socks, a ten gallon Stetson and his cane hobbling overContinue reading “Heartache Medication”

Colder Weather

I like the cold. I know that’s an unpopular sentiment. My SO from the NE is one who would spend every day at climates of 100 degrees and climbing. Maybe because I was raised in the deep south, I’ve had enough of hot weather. I like seasons and warm drinks and the brisk feel ofContinue reading “Colder Weather”