Summer Showers

Creative Writing Prompt: Rain Going with poetry this time. I only have the attention span for short poems so I’ll do a few different styles. Sijo: Icy rain like shards of glass pelt my skin with tiny cuts Freezing winds slice through my soul and leave me bare, lost, unwhole A kiss of barren hopeContinue reading “Summer Showers”

Make Love Not War

There seems to come on Twitter and FB cycles of war. (I’m not on any of the other ones and I’m not really on FB anymore. It’s been months since I logged in.) Sometimes these wars are in tandem with provocative current events. Sometimes they are out of left field like WTF got up thisContinue reading “Make Love Not War”

1st in Class

Last weekend I competed with my guy for the first time. If you don’t know, I ride horses. I can’t call it my happy space because that’s a gross understatement of my feelings for the time I spend in this activity. But it does make me very happy. I guess you can say my guyContinue reading “1st in Class”


My SO has become a mixologist in recent weeks after watching a Masterclass of a couple bartenders. I forget their names. Anyway, these days I get met with mid week Cosmos or Mojitos and the like. The Cosmo is off the chart. I think they’re trying to get me drunk and after 20 years it’sContinue reading “Mixer”

Charging Station

It’s time to recharge. I’m pretty parched right now and like always with me I got there not even realizing I had struck dry ground and was trying to drink sand. I’m heading to one of my favorite places on Earth and I plan on writing, walking in nature and forgetting the world for aContinue reading “Charging Station”

With Love

Creative Writing Prompt: Write a love letter I won’t lie I may have done some research on this one. Flowery words are not my forte. I know pretty funny right? But I like how this came out. My Love, I wanted to write something of Springtime and roses and billowing moors but that all seemsContinue reading “With Love”


I have this one little dog, the barker, if you’ve read other posts. She’s a rescue gotten at about one year of age. Dear God, I understand how she ended up on the give away pile. Aside from the ceaseless barking at everything, she throws up every night. We’ve taken her to the vet, changedContinue reading “Broken”