6/15/20 Today the walls on either side of my office #carrel consist of dense blooming trees hiding patches of wildflowers and slippery moss. An open view lays in front of me to the azure heavens. Shall I tell you a secret? I may never go back. #vss365 6/14/20 I gave you my life My love,Continue reading “V.S.S.”


Changing it up here. Food today. It’s soup season. I love soup like all year round even in the jungle heat of summer. This week I made my not quite homemade chicken soup. So here ya go… 1 rotisserie chicken from your grocer, deboned 1 can diced tomatoes, drained (reserve the liquid) 3/4-1 cup ofContinue reading “Fake-o-la”


Thank god that election is over. It was the worst of us, the very worst of us. I’m a libertarian somewhat conservatively bent on certain issues, liberal on others and down right anarchistic on no few. Trump doesn’t fall into any of these categories. He proved to be a disturbing tyrant who clearly lost touchContinue reading “#Loser”

Good Egg

I have this past client of mine. She has never forgotten about me even when I did a hard 180 from trying my hand at a more artistic career (personal chef) and going back to my old finance/consulting life. She’s always asking when I’m going to start cooking again. And she always, always, remembers toContinue reading “Good Egg”

The Writing Series: On a Serious Sex Note

My first romance novels were Kathleen Woodiwiss. I found them in my mom’s bedroom and stealth read them when she wasn’t around. I still love them but there’s a hard truth to her writing that quite a few of her romances started with a rape scene. They’re also pretty damn racist but hey if you’reContinue reading “The Writing Series: On a Serious Sex Note”

The Writing Series: Plotting Part Deux

So I’m trying to plot something. I’ve never done this before and it’s not going well. I started with a flowchart and that didn’t work. Then switched to paper. It’s better but confusing. I’m watching Judy Blume’s Master Class right now. She uses notebooks. I feel like I need something more visual than a bunchContinue reading “The Writing Series: Plotting Part Deux”

Love Letters

The lost art of letter writing and the slow build of epic, soul changing love. The moon slips into the mountains like a lost penny and the fields are black and pungent and I want you near so that I could touch you in the autumn stillness even a little bit like the last echoContinue reading “Love Letters”

Once Upon a Vss

6/9/20 There it was rising, blooming, bubbling, gurgling, popping, churning, fizzing, thunderstriking, unflinching, overwhelming, exhilarating, demanding, possessing, expecting, intoxicating, knowing, gentling, uncompromising, breathtaking, notwithstanding #effervescent joy #vss365 6/8/20 And there was a #languor about the drooping branches, a giggling brook in the shadows. Voices whispered this way, this way before it’s too late, leaving speckledContinue reading “Once Upon a Vss”

The Gimlet

This recipe makes 2 drinks. I accidentally read it as one. Yeah, I was looped after drinking it. Now you know the rest of the story. Thyme Rosemary Gimlet 4oz Gin 2oz lemon juice (it called for Meyers but all I had was regular) 2oz thyme/rosemary simple syrup. Thyme/Rosemary Simple Syrup: 1c sugar 1/2c waterContinue reading “The Gimlet”


I’ve been on the hunt for a new marketing coordinator. My other person has decided to pursue something more in line with their interests. I always think that’s great when I see people do that. I wish I had been more proactive toward my career happiness. I know I still can be but insecurities andContinue reading “Skills”