I’ve been volunteering at a local shelter facility. Shelter doesn’t really do it justice because they incorporate all aide – shelter, food hall, food distribution, stores, career, health. Anyway, I haven’t been able to go for the past couple weeks due to work conflicts. I tried to sign up for this week thinking ‘well they’llContinue reading “Giving”

The Writing Series: Words

Isn’t the word, word such a weird word? I have to start with that because I keep thinking that word as I think about what to write about wordcount. Word is a weird word. Right, now, my story is at 103,000 words. It’s too long and I’m too tired of it to try to cutContinue reading “The Writing Series: Words”

Yes, There’s More

I’ll be honest I thought by now I’d have caught up. Should have done the math. I think this will take me through to the new year which is good because time is short right now. It will be a good way to start the year by writing some new one. Until then, I repurpose.Continue reading “Yes, There’s More”

Filthy Dirty

This is hands down my favorite drink. It’s simple and classic. Gin or vodka – the recipe is the same. And shaken, not stirred. 2 oz vodka (or gin) 1 oz Vermouth (dry) 1/2 oz dirty martini mix Aromatic or chocolate bitters if you have them Olives (stuffed or not) I didn’t have dirty mixContinue reading “Filthy Dirty”

What’s Up Doc?

I read an article today that the Biden administration is very seriously considering removing Dr Birx from the Covid Task Force. With no irony at all, the question of whether Dr Fauci’s job is in similar peril is moot and laughable. There really is no mercy for a woman in a position of authority and/orContinue reading “What’s Up Doc?”


My oldest has a real candy problem. Always has. I’m not the kind of house to only keep oatmilk and kelp chips on hand for snacking and eating. We have treats in this house. We also try to teach self control, everything in moderation. This lesson has resonated with my kids except for candy andContinue reading “Candy-aholic”

The Writing Series: Amazon

I’ve always used Smashwords to publish. I know they have a reputation as being the ‘randy’ publisher. I write some randy stories so that never bothered me. What I love most about them is they reach everyone…except Amazon. I tried to use Amazon at first, way back when, but between my content and their AppleContinue reading “The Writing Series: Amazon”

The Writing Series: Like a Band-Aid

Well I’ve read and re-read this story. My professional editing reality didn’t work out as well as I hoped and I’m not going to spend any more money on this WIP. It’s time. But for the life of me I’m so insecure about sending it out into the world. I keep pushing it off. IContinue reading “The Writing Series: Like a Band-Aid”