Yes to the VSS

If you’re wondering, yes, I am going to milk this for as longs as I can. 3/3/20 In dreams snow lined the mountains tipped with #whitecaps. Their gloved hands held awkwardly as a trail of deep footsteps followed them. In these dreams, she kissed him feeling the crystals of ice decorating his short beard. SheContinue reading “Yes to the VSS”

Try My Patience

Anyone else’s patience at an end right now? Because mine is and has been. My family is suffering the impact of my short fuse. I’m a pretty chill person but lately I’m done. My chill has left the building. I want to run away, to an island, to the mountains, away. My guess is thisContinue reading “Try My Patience”

Test My Patience

The kids have to take a placement test for math and languages today for their new school. The thing about home school is that if it’s done right kids will likely get ahead of their peers. And that’s not because of horse jockey parenting. It’s because there’s just more time. Anyway, this got me thinkingContinue reading “Test My Patience”


I make no bones about the fact that filters are my friend. For most of my pictures I only use a filter. I don’t change my skin or its imperfections or wrinkles. Although my brown, oily skin is catapulting me in this aging race. I use the filter to give the every day me someContinue reading “Toolbelt”


I was watching TV with my youngest the other day. It was a show I’d never heard of ‘Big City Greens’. Most of the kids’ shows these days are a mystery to me. Gone of are the days of having ‘The Backyardigans’ or worse ‘Wonder Pets’ theme songs stuck in my head on repeat likeContinue reading “Timeless”

The Beat Goes On

I’m loving this lazy creative day. Trust me my creativity is being taxed elsewhere… 2/25/20 We take the #spirits from here, he said Spirits? Yeah, see them?  He pointed to an empty white sky with three shining suns.  The sparkles, he insisted  You’re nuts Only way there Who says I want to go? Your loss.Continue reading “The Beat Goes On”