To You

The blog (daily or not) is taking an indefinite hiatus. The silliness of talking to myself in the void has been replaced with the woefulness of talking to myself in the void. I need a break. Too many huge unknowns are tossing me about in the waves.

In spite of this turmoil, I thought I’d continue. It’s a sort of free therapy venting here in this little known place. I thought about changing the daily commitment. But there’s a better chance of me doing it daily than weekly or monthly.

I realize I guess that when you need a break, take one. My focus is scattered on a good day. Lately it’s herd of cats in catnip and hungry scattered.

I’ll be releasing Impromptu shortly on the site. It’s still a good place for my writing. Tomorrow will be my last blog entry.

If I never make it back to reboot this, know how honored I am that you ever dropped by to see my ramblings and for your support. Good luck in everything you ever do or want to do.

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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