Grass Eater

I can’t eat another piece of meat, red meat in particular. And no I’m not being sexual at all. I live amongst carnivores and I swear to God I ate an entire cow and at least half a lamb over the holiday season. I can’t eat anymore for awhile.

So I’m going on a ‘detox’ of sorts. I’d like to say I’m going to cut any meat out altogether but a few things keep me from doing that:

  1. I have carnivore children and SO who would revolt at the idea
  2. My children are allergic to all nuts so that cuts out a major protein group
  3. I don’t have the will power not to eat it if it’s on the table in front of me come eatin’ time.

I am going to cut any meat eating back to 3xs max a week (for dinner only. None at all for any other meal I may take)

I do think I’m going to do some other detox things like cut alcohol at least for a week or two. I don’t drink a lot but again the holidays brings out the lush. I had a splash of something just about every night. Often with the ‘well it will go bad if we don’t finish it’ thinking.

I’m going to cut at least 80-90% of sugar and gluten out of my diet. I know better than to say 100%. I’m all about challenges but I also know when I’m setting myself up for failure.

I don’t believe in any diet that tells me eggplant and tomatoes and the like are bad. That’s for a level of wealthy entitlement that I will never aspire to. Spending half my life in a 3rd world country and seeing how the poor of this world truly live taught me how bloviated that sounds. So no Tom Brady diet.

I found some recipe sites for New Year’s clean up diets. No surprise there are a ton of them. As always I anticipate the pictures of these recipes to be the best part about them.

But then hey, no pain no gain. Do you have health goals for 2021?

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