New Day New Me

Here I am start of a new year and unemployed. Hello 2020, is that you still lurking there? 😁 I have only been unemployed 2 times in my life. Both times I was trying to figure out what was next. I guess it could be argued this is the same.

This has been on the horizon. If you don’t know I run (ran) a consulting firm with my SO. For whatever reason this industry never compelled me like others that I have worked in. It was my SO’s company and naturally our fortunes are tied up together so I had/have a vested interest. I had been telling my SO for years to cut the strings from their previous unhealthy place of work and go it alone. So they did.

My career from New York to now has been company building. I was an obvious asset that could and would wear many hats having a personal and immediate interest in the outcome. Ironically (or maybe not so), it got billed within the industry (& maybe by example) as an act of nepotism on my SO’s part. F*cking insulting but then that’s another post for another time.

From there the current firm built from the two of us to where it is now. I try to use terminology like ‘our’ or ‘we’ but it was always ‘theirs’ and that’s ok. Part of knowing it was time to leave was a new hire made at the firm that reminded me with expansion comes the inclusion of those that bring with them toxicity. You know the kind. One of those came on board, a late year hire.

(Sidenote: It was fascinating how quickly that personality infected the waters in a wholly negative way, but again that’s another blog post.)

Still, if you want to grow a business you can’t avoid that personality forever. You can mitigate it and balance the odor they bring with a shit ton of the other more tolerable kinds of personalities but you can’t avoid it.

So that and the fact that they are as set up for success as they ever have been with a top of the line team told me – time to go. And wish them the sincerest best. The company is headed into the most successful year they’ve ever had and I hope it’s upwards from here. I have every reason to root for their success.

Now I’m focused on me for the first time in decades, maybe ever. It feels good. I am actively pursuing a career in the wine industry. I had a couple informational interviews with a Master of Wine and a wine executive in education. They were invaluable and I am up to my eyeballs in study and learning and exploring my career options.

One of the interviewers thinks I should pursue CFO positions given my background and education and has sent me a couple. There was a time I might have jumped on that. Truth is I’m kind of done with those corporate positions. (See that paragraph above about the toxic worker for reasons why. I just don’t suffer assholes at all, anymore.)

I’m more excited about diving into the wine industry and starting to carve my path. I didn’t think I’d build anymore companies but after my talks maybe I have one more company in me.

We’ll see. Stay tuned for further posts.

Whatever your dreams get out there and do it. It’s never too late.

Cue the dramatic exit music…

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