Wordy WorderKins


Those who play with fire

Risk the blister in the sun

Burnt #iridescence



#math #vss365

An excerpt from my upcoming historical romance.


There our story began. A hero beaten, bloody, the char of a battlefield, bodies piled high, cries of mercy as the enemy invaded indifferent to the suffering they caused. In failure there was nothing left to do but die with his men. He held his sword ready to meet his fate #vss365


They ran hand in hand from oxygen spout to oxygen spout. The spouts growing farther apart the closer toward Ophiuchus. They were faint, desperate for air as they approached the last spout in front of the great light. Mouth’s #agape they looked in wonder. They had made it. #vss365


It was #paper that began it all or words upon it. And it could be paper that ended it. More words. Powerful little things they were, she thought, as she scribbled out the rambling ideas in her jumbled head. She never did like words, powerful little things that they were. #vss265

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