Mrs P’s Lullaby: Chapter 10

Mrs P’s Lullaby

A Christmas Tale


Mia Soto

Songs I Like Series

Text copyright © 2017 Mia Soto

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 10: 10 Lords A Leaping

The night fell dark and cold – to match his mood. Hours passed from when he lay his head down. Hours he pondered the impossibility of he and Maria. There was no way forward unless he betrayed his destiny and family for this girl. It was only love he reasoned, a sentiment that ebbed and flowed like the sea.

Perhaps tomorrow she would not be so enamored. Perhaps he would not. No, he would always want her first and most. This love he had for her would be his hell or his heaven and he was not sure which one regardless the ultimate decision he made. The flickering flames of the hearth bathed him a shadowy light. He was so focused he did not hear his door open or the soft padded steps approaching him. When her fragile hand touched his shoulder he startled. 

“Maria.” And with that one word, one name, all doubt erased.

He reached for her, their kisses heavy. It was a soft slow assault and a blur of touching and disrobing as they struggled into the bed. His fingers wandered to her most sensitive spot bringing a sigh from her lips.

“Yes.” Her breath caressed his skin. Her body twisted into his touch. Their lips clung as he slipped between her legs. His hips offered a hard pressure that her hips, resting in his hands, answered willingly with an arching request. “Please.”

 As he settled between her, bending her legs around him and smoothing his hand along the silk of her hip, he was home never to find another place so exact in its perfection for him or his body. Feeling the stretch of her gripping him as he bottomed into her she gasped burying her face in his neck. Her legs tighten around his waist like silky ties.

“Does it hurt?”

“No,” she said. Then she added with a quiet laugh. “A little. But it feels as wonderful as I remembered.” She sighed as he slid in and out pulsing deep inside of her. “Yes, more.” Her lips tore from his to cry. She arched throwing her hands over her head enjoying his deep thrust. His hands ran the length of her sinewy arms to hold them over her head.

“More,” she begged.

They grew violent her legs locked to hold on through the chaotic ride. His view from above was of alabaster breasts bobbing against the force, her body arching to impossible angles, her hair a wild river. It more effort than he thought he had to wait for her cry of release before taking his. 

Heavy on top of her, buried in her, in the aftermath there was peace. Deep breaths intermingled as she placed long kisses onto his lips, neck and shoulders. Her hands clasp his neck asking for his full heft which he gave for a moment. Her sigh was ragged as she suffocated under his weight. He lifted knowing he was too heavy to remain like that on her.

“Maria.” She was a sight bathed in firelight, flushed and beautiful.

She spoke. “If it can be no other way, then let me be yours as you wish it. I’ll be whatever you want so long as I can be with you.”

A moment passed before he rolled to his back dumbfounded. There it was her acquiescence. Everything he had begged for from her for more than a year. He had won. For some reason a weight as heavy as a cannonball began choking him.

She lifted onto her arm bemused. “This does not please you?” 

He caressed her face. “No. No, my dear, sweet girl. It does not please me at all.” Her confusion sprung and he caressed the furrow of her brow. “I love you. I do not want to spend even one day away from you. Not one night. Why I thought having you in a house, away from me, sleeping alone without me was the solution to our dilemma? I cannot say. But it will not do.” 

Her smile was as much thrilled as relieved. She nestled back into him with a sleepy sigh. His pulled her as close as he could without hurting her.

“Rest now. Tomorrow we face the world together.”


His hand ran down the length of her smooth naked body. She slept on unaware that he watched her. His fingers stopped to tickle the gully of her waist and she twitched. He laughed. She is ticklish. He did it again and she twitched again harder this time stirring as well.

“No.” She threw an arm over her head. “It’s too early.”

“Too early?” His hand smoothed the curves of her hips to rest on her bottom. It was so luscious he grabbed it and bent to take a playful bite out of it. She squealed in laughter. 

Signore, are you attacking me?” She looked under her arm at him.

In another moment, she was pulled back onto his lap as he nudge into her. “I am.  Is it too early?” 

She smiled as she sunk onto him, sinewy arms reaching behind to wrap his neck. “No, not too early for this.”   

He began to move and they lost track of time. Just the feel of skin and touch as she curled with each push. As her mouth opened to cry out, he grabbed her face and planted a probing kiss. “Not now, my love. I must keep you quiet. The house is awake.” 

She laughed ready to respond when loud shouting broke them out of their love song.  They rolled apart dressing haphazardly. He grabbed her hand and rushed out the door toward the shouting.

“Who is this whore in my bed?” His mother’s shout was louder than a barmaid in a drunken sailor’s bar.

They stumbled into the room filled with Allesandro, Rafa, a smiling Sophia and Natalie trapped in a corner with his mother’s finger pointing with ominous intent at her. His father, bemused and hung over, staggered to a chair to sit with his head in his hands.

His mother turned. “Paolo! This is your doing?” 

As he searched for words, his mother’s eyes narrow onto Maria. Her disheveled look, the shy stance next to him, her hand in his was sudden point of interest for the calculating woman. Instinct had him put a protective arm around Maria.

“Who is this?” The tiny woman stormed them looking like she might explode from fury. 

“This is Maria, madre.” He positioned himself between the two women. “She is the woman I love. And she is who I will marry and love forever.” Simple words but freedom lay within them he found when his heart swelled until it might burst.

“Love? LOVE!” She screeched. He was astonished. A woman who had never once raised her voice seemed to have the ability to scream loud enough to wake the dead.

“Yes madre,” Sophia clarified with a smug smile enjoying watching her mother fall apart. “Love.”

“Cease, Sophia. Get her out of my house.” The woman pointed at Maria.

“No,” Paolo was calm. There was nothing more to argue. “I will not marry Elizabetta, madre.”

“WHAT?” Both his mother and father shouted. His father came to life shooting out of his chair.

“You heard him.” Natalie stood from her crouched position in the corner. She glared at his father who sat back down with immediacy looking anywhere but the ethereal angel warrior. 

“Shut up, whore!” His mother swung back to Natalie. “Who do you think you are? In my house. In my bed.”

“Wife.” His father tried to warn the woman.

“Yes? Yes? You miserable excuse of a man. I cannot leave for a day without you losing full control of my house. What?” She screeched at him.

A comedic smile graced his father’s ruddy face as he sat back in his chair and waved a hand. “Not a thing wife of mine. By all means, carry on.”

“You,” she continued on her path to Natalie.

Rafa tilted his head to Sophia and said, “watch this.” 

“YOU! Half naked whore.” She stormed unheeded toward Natalie pointing that aggressive finger.

Paolo watched Natalie reached out and tilted it backwards until the woman dropped to her knees. The astonished look on his mother’s face was worth every misery Paolo had ever suffered by the woman. In another moment, Natalie had clasped the back of the woman’s hair and dug two fingers on either side of his mother’s throat which as far as he could tell was cutting off air to the woman as she started to change color.

In that soft voice placating of hers Natalie said, “right now, if I wanted it so, you would die. Do you understand?” His mother nodded terrified. Natalie smiled down at the woman and clenched the slightest bit tighter before adding with dead calm. “Don’t call me a whore again.” 

The woman agreed with a shaky nod.  Natalie continued, “Your son is going to marry Maria, not Elizabetta. You already have one son in that family. This son is going to be happy with the woman he loves.”

His mother nodded almost purple now. Natalie let her collapse down. After some wheezing and gasping, Natalie extended her hand to help her up. “Now then. Stand up and let’s figure out how to make this union happen because I want to go home.”

“Hohoho, hahaha.” The thump of the cane drew everyone’s attention to the doorway. “Oh my, hehehe,” Nonno wiped a tear of laughter. “There is nothing to settle, beautiful angel. Off you go and marry your beauty,” he said to Paolo, winking appreciatively at Maria. 

“You,” he pointed at his son and that man’s wife. “A misery of misfortune lording over this house. Be happy I let you stay at all. Go crawl back under your rocks.” 

Then he turned to Natalie. “Beautiful angel from above. Could I wish it so you might never leave us. But if you must bid my beloved my everlasting love and thank her for  sending me…”  Then he wandered away chuckling. “a most entertaining Christmas, indeed.”

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