They Continue


Pronouns are deadly nouns. And the most dangerous one is me. Followed closely by you. It’s time to #ostracize these two, dig out the poison of their selfish ID. Toss it aside and move along. All this us is enough. No more me. And forget about you.  #vss365


You know that other side to a story. After the war & guts & glory. Swinging at air trying to convince. Pawns already set on their side of the fence. #Empathy dead.  Nuance lost. Games won at any cost. A damaged bitter end. No chance at all to mend  #vss365


There’s a #pandemic run amuck

By a schmuck

While my life’s

all a-strife

and the kids be complainin’

And the heat’s all insane-in

And I’m looking for enlightenment

Amidst all the excitement

But I get a martini tonight

So everything’s gonna be alright



Given over to the etchings on my soul, I wonder. Stuck in the swirl, lost in my head, I know. The hand of God. An act of #anathema Where next? Why now? Who’s to say? Save the questions for another time. This was all it was ever supposed to be. Enjoy the madness. #vss365


Today I sit to write the #chronicle of what happened and why. What you are about to read may seem extraordinary but the words are true. Mark them as so because in time they will be refuted, vilified. You are the link between these events. Time is short I begin with…#vss365

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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