He glowed in the adoration, the easy popularity. Engaging others in his #sycophant ways only looking to fuel his narcissism. She smiled a cold light gleaming in her pale eyes. An easy target she thought as she shifted her full breasts up, opening her shirt’s top buttons. #vss365


The gritty salt water sloshing around them excites him. Almost as much as the thrashing, the gurgled gasping, as they fight, so hard, for the last gasp. The disappointment follows, the blank rush over, the #ocean washing away his sins. He leaves looking, always looking #vss365


Azure forever, dirty white clouds, climbing peaks. Palm breezes pink sand cays. Steele jungles fighting narrow corners. An #orphan in the world trying to find her place. #vss365


Disney got it wrong, he thought, as he gunned the engine on the water skipper. They didn’t wear makeup or tutus and they didn’t dance underwater. But the #pachyderm were pissed as hell that he invaded their space.  He patted the engine, come on, baby. Don’t fail me now. #vss365


Crashing waves and white sands. Rolling peaks and untamed verdant. Ancient bricks and colorful masterpieces. Golden dunes and pointy guards. Blue eyes and silky words. Curving arcs and delicate flesh. Him and her. The #aesthetic of a love story. #vss365


When you need something like air

Feel your lungs scream and contract

Search for how, when

Sell your soul like a #heretic

Fall on your knees for it

Change because of it

Let it own you

Define you

Knowing it

Vanished you


Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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