This was where I started tying to do more than one prompt. I remember reading a quote from a famous author (can’t remember which one) that said creativity isn’t a limited supply. There is always more. They lie. This was where I was burning out, my WIP was sitting neglected and I was trying to think up clever things for untenable words. Not long from now I crashed and burned and took a hiatus.


He’s a #moron

An #oxymoron

An idiot

A fool

An idgit

A dimwit

A shimsham

A flimflam

A mistake

A flake

A cruel joke

A rotten egg yolk

A sad reckoning

An empty beckoning

A lost chance

A last dance

Our fearless leader



Records spin because sad songs say it so well. Trust leaps betrayed since life is cold. Secondhand ticks, just another day. The #skeptic blooms, sure of the way once again. #vss365


He sat on the corner in a fold out chair on Fridays, a flag flapping. He wore his leather bomber jacket despite the heat and his moth worn cap army green. The last of his kind a #patriot, a brainwashed joke. Still he sat and some honked, most ignored. Just another Friday. #vss365


They laughed and frolicked along moors and rock garden

What a thing to be in love with a scaley #Demogorgon

#vss365 #couplet


The devil’s greatest

trick – convincing the world that

she was an #angel

#haiku #vss365

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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