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I had to get new doors for my house, the front of my house. The doors I had became infested with termites and though the pest company swears they got them all it wasn’t a chance I wanted to take. Time to take down the wood doors and join suburbia with the fake wood decor. Sometimes practicality wins out over aesthetic.

Let me preface this by saying I’m an unapologetic capitalist, but in the old school sense. I’m not a rig the system to my utmost benefit, tip the scales and then ride the wave like a drunken overlord of success. No business should receive any help from the government and if anything should be offering help mostly in the form of taxes paid. There is not one industry that exists (including and most especially banking) that deserves a ‘bailout’.

It may be a little painful but the money spent bailing out reckless a-holes could just as easily be spent building up the worker who is most impacted by the irresponsible behavior.

All that said I believe very much in business and success and reward. But these big box stores are nothing but monopolies. My experience buying doors from one of them confirms this. They took my money, forced me to start making payments on doors months in advance and let me tell you doors are ‘no’ cheap. Then when they were late delivering and even later installing and generally made me feel like a nuisance when I called to find out why I realized they don’t give a chocolate ice cream.

They don’t have to. Where am I going to go? Long ago, they ran out of business the medium scale builders, let alone the small mom and pops. They are the option and they know it. Local cronyism, federal cronyism and a blatant disregard for real capitalism set up these and other oversized stores to be in a position of unfair power over the consumer.

Oh well, like I said what am I going to do? Scream into the wind? Well that’s what this blog post was for. Guess I’ll go sit on my porch and enjoy the new view.

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