The Cray

I know I’ve been saying this awhile but people have lost it, are losing it. The election is evidence example numero uno. WTH is going on in the minds of people. People that I know and respect. Who are not stupid but are behaving stupidly and recklessly.

It’s not funny. It never was but it had such a train wreck feel to it that it was hard not to be a little amused. It seems those of us in the sane column finding humor in it have caused perfectly rational and educated people to double down on their stupidity. This isn’t just toothless hicks if you’re unaware because you’ve insulated yourself in a bubble with only likeminded people.

These are people we know. People that we may not agree with but could have sat and had a glass of wine or a beer with them not long ago.

All of this over an election that will have just about nil impact on their lives. I saw a tweet during the election cycle and the person said ‘if the founding father’s knew we’d be inciting anarchy over a federal election they’d be rolling in their graves’.

That was never the point of this experiment. That’s why when you walk into the voting booth frothing at the mouth over your presidential candidate but don’t know squat about your local council peoples’ politics you are as my brother says – ‘a booger eating moron’. One of them has real impact over your life and it ain’t the one moving into 1600 Penn Ave.

We’ve probably all seen the speech from Gabriel Sterling.

It really is enough already

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