I have reached a certain age where friends are taking ‘restorative weekends’ away and coming back looking just short of a science experiment. I understand I suppose. If you’re going to take those kind of drastic measures to fight father time then might as well get your bang for the buck.

I might also be jealous because as you know I’m chicken. I won’t say I’ll never try something that drastic but going under for a beauty treatment seems reckless. Especially in light of shows like Botched.

I have done needling. Which I described to my child as getting my face pounded with a needle over and over to stimulate collagen. The look on my kid’s face when I said this was hysterical. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the treatment and their reaction confirmed to me that the beauty industry has us by the Botox needles (which by the way I’ve never done or fillers. Needling is the most invasive I’ve been).

I guess the funny/sad thing is every time I do a needling or a peel I find myself at the beach a few days later completely negating all of the benefit of the treatment. I chastise myself to stop going to the beach so much because all it does it counter any anti aging treatments I have tried.

Then I think if I wasn’t at the beach with my kids surfing or body boarding or just sitting in the surf chilling I’d be at home alone looking younger but not much else. That doesn’t sound like me or even soemthing I could be hapy with.

So you can find me in the surf, with the sun spots, and the beaming smile, scheduling my next appointment.

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