The Writing Series: What’s your position?

Back to the sexy talk. Warning: the easily offended or embarrassed click out now.

I’ll be honest I don’t think I’m going to get into too much detail but I’ve learned to err on the side of excess caution in this day and age of the reckless easily incited lynch mob.

So I’ve written some posts on sex and sex scenes in books. I do consider this a romance phenomena. I would be very much surprised to read a detailed sex scene in a suspense or women’s fiction or certainly literature. I’m fine with it. Is it titillating? Yes. Is it part of romance? Yes. And there are plenty of options that run the scale from Sweet to Oh My.

Sidenote: I watched Lolita through the other night. I always caught that movie at the beginning or end or middle. Anyway, I’ve never read the book. It will be interesting to see how our level of numbness has changed. Because back in the day that book was considered XXX. I bet it’s more like women’s fiction now. I’ll let you know.

The one trend I’m noticing in the books that have these kind of scenes is a robust acrobatic sex life. All I can think when I’m reading some of them is – ‘hmm, that sounds like work’. I’ve been feeling like my scenes are kind of boring but then again I don’t think I’ll be changing them too much.

For those learning to write them, less is always more IMO. Yes I’ve read the granular detail scenes other authors write. I guess they have their place but they don’t speak to me like I think they are intended to. I mentioned in other posts all that excess detail makes me feel like I’m at a gynecologist exam. And people there’s nothing good about that. Nothing.

The Kama Sutra for all of its cliché-ness is a great manual housing some of the more outrageous ideas on how to have sex. So if you’re looking for ideas check it out. Here’s the fun part. Grab your partner and try it out. It will be easier to write if you have some experience trying to make it happen. Believe me some of them look ‘easy’ on paper but the execution is anything but easy.

I stick mainly with traditional positions and if I throw in something unusual it’s usually tongue in cheek. The characters end up laughing and falling out of it unable to make it happen the way it might in a movie. Because let’s face it, we’ve all tried some inventive positions only to realize –

‘this feels like work’.

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