I did it! I posted 365 days consecutively. Mother of Animals, that was not easy. The only day I skipped was the Black Lives Matter day and that’s only because I didn’t do my research and find out what the real purpose of that day was suppose to be.

Do your research. It would have been a great platform and day to post charities and poets and writers celebrating this cause. The more you know. Next time I won’t be so knee jerk.

But for the moment I am reveling in this accomplishment. My posts aren’t always four stars. Yes, I dialed a few in. It happens. It will continue to happen. Yes they were all over the map sometimes. But then that’s me, in a nutshell, so don’t expect the drunken swerving to stop anytime soon.

It feels good to have stuck with this and I plan to continue. I’m going to mix in some creative writing. Stories that are sitting on my external drive that I probably won’t ever publish. Fridays are going to remain drink/recipe day. Sundays love day. The first of the week will be 1 or 2 writing posts. And then the rest of the week my mercurial, idiosyncratic bloviating on subjects that interest me.

And when better ideas come to me for reoccurring themes, I’ll mix them in.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Here’s to the next year!

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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