Girl Talk

This week I went to my early morning bootcamp for the first time since last Spring. Things shut down and I got out of the habit of getting up at 5am. It all fell apart from there.

After a sleepless night the other night, I got up and went knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to sweat again before evening. Also, if I wait until evening to try to break a sweat I won’t at all because I’m tired. I love feeling healthy and certainly the cosmetic benefits of an elevated heart rate. I hate the actual act(s) of what it takes for both of those things.

Anyway, one of the ladies who I love was there. Since we hadn’t seen each other for a long time it turned into a girl talk. She has two daughters getting married so we had things to catch up on. The guy running it was yelling at us the whole time but he loves us so it was all tongue in cheek.

I swear for all my fallen angel faults I keep meeting some of the most wonderful women. All through my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve met plenty awful ones but the good ones I’ve met along the way make those others unimportant.

My friend is beautiful and it radiates from the inside out. If all she had were the physical beauties, like others with a beautiful shell and rotted core, she wouldn’t be much to speak of. She’s nothing like that. I strive to look like her and be like her.

She’s a great, imperfect, loving mom, a creative soul, a wife as well as any of us wife, and a genuine person. She’s kind, generous, funny, humble, open and welcoming. She’s a human not trying to out human anyone else. She’s at the age maybe where her journey is hers and no one else’s and she knows it. She knows time is ticking and stopping to throw stones at every dog that barks at you is a waste of time.

She mentioned her age today and I knew she was older than me but it floored me. She looks better than most 20 year olds with 10s of thousands of dollars of work, photoshop and Instagram filters and fake platitude-y virtues all over their feeds. Girls – this lady is what you really want to be.

At least, she’s what I want to be like.

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