I’ve been volunteering at a local shelter facility. Shelter doesn’t really do it justice because they incorporate all aide – shelter, food hall, food distribution, stores, career, health.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to go for the past couple weeks due to work conflicts. I tried to sign up for this week thinking ‘well they’ll probably need me for sure’. Turns out they don’t. They’re booked solid.

I get it. People are out. They have time. They want to do something good. So I went to next week to sign up and I have my pick of times and days. I also get it. People are back in work/school. No more time.

It would be nice though to see them find the space here and there outside of the giving season when we all feel a little guilty for how much we have. Because I know the facility could use the help on June 11 in the dead heat of summer when we’re all at the beach, as much, maybe more than they do right now.

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