The Writing Series: Words

Isn’t the word, word such a weird word? I have to start with that because I keep thinking that word as I think about what to write about wordcount. Word is a weird word.

Right, now, my story is at 103,000 words. It’s too long and I’m too tired of it to try to cut it down. Also I’ve read and reread it looking for how to cut it down and I can’t find a path.

Funny thing, before I started this rewrite, when I was trying to write a silly little romp, I was at a comfortable 65,000ish words. Then I had to add more meat, beef things up and expand. I was sure I could do all that in 25,000 words. I was wrong.

Considering at one point I got up to 115,000 words, I did manage to cut out a lot. So I’m going to consider this a win. I guess if I was tradionally published under the hand of editors and marketers and the like I’d have to behave and fix the size issue.

But since I’m none of those things and I’m southern and Spanish ‘go big or go home’ isn’t just a motto it’s a lifestyle I’m going to leave my words alone. I know when I’m enjoying something more words is never a bad things.

Here’s to hoping others enjoy my words as much I as do.

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