Yes, There’s More

I’ll be honest I thought by now I’d have caught up. Should have done the math. I think this will take me through to the new year which is good because time is short right now. It will be a good way to start the year by writing some new one. Until then, I repurpose.


He floated by the cosmos feeling freed from the burden of gravity and centrifugal force. No tears were shed for his #tellurian life as he reached for the nebula, propelled by the energy of the charm quark, searching for answers he never found where they said he belonged. #vss365


Little fingers pick it swaying in the wind, fluffy, ready, maybe. Rounded lips blow it hopefully, forcefully, with ennui. The wind decides abstractly, the jaded #velleity    whether to grant or deny. Perhaps some effort next time as he tosses it off with a sigh #vss365


Late nights and ideas truncate the day as my imagination forms words that #ingurgitate me like rising waves rolling, tossing, filing my nose with suffocating salt waters. #vss365


The vibrant color winding through the #benthos guided the way. She knew the fastest path, the one where she watched, her powerful tale floating her as she swayed in the ocean breeze deep below the surface, her hair a mist around her. How could one help but fall in love? #vss365


Among the fields of gold where the stroke of your touch skims the quiet places on my body and brushes them like a silky #zephyr leaving a path of goose flesh awaiting the breathy catch of a gasp before falling, falling, falling #vss365

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