What’s Up Doc?

I read an article today that the Biden administration is very seriously considering removing Dr Birx from the Covid Task Force. With no irony at all, the question of whether Dr Fauci’s job is in similar peril is moot and laughable.

There really is no mercy for a woman in a position of authority and/or elevated skills. This is a woman who has dedicated her life to our public health, was at the forefront of the HIV response. More recently, she was tasked with responding to the worst pandemic the world has seen in modern times under the authority and whimsy of a narcissistic, misogynistic delusional tyrant.

Reading the article with it’s glowing adulations of Dr Fauci (an agreed bad ass who has my utmost respect) leaves me flabbergasted. Do they not realize the cowboy attitude that Dr Fauci has been operating under of late only worked because he has a different anatomical make up. And barely worked at that with an unhinged lunatic who has no problems making irrational and dangerous decisions with regard to job positions.

Dr Birx proceeded like any of us women in positions of authority would – with measured care, trying to appease to get to a rational path, knowing one misstep and her rope (much, much, much shorter than Dr Fauci) would be cut without thought while he swung his golf club at Mar-a-lago.

I can’t believe Dr Birx is the issue. That they would assign her the role of scapegoat. In particular, in an administration that has already and I’m sure will continue to flout it’s woke feminism. Yet once again a ‘feminist’ defining as a lockstep holla back girl otherwise, f’ off.

I hope not. I hope they see she deserves on merit and ability and intellect the right to continue if she wants to. And she deserves on integrity and fairness to be given the chance to show how she can shine once out from the light of an evil despot.

But I’m also not the sort of feminist fan girl that just does as she’s told. I have a bad habit of thinking for myself.

So maybe I’m wrong.

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