My oldest has a real candy problem. Always has. I’m not the kind of house to only keep oatmilk and kelp chips on hand for snacking and eating. We have treats in this house. We also try to teach self control, everything in moderation.

This lesson has resonated with my kids except for candy and especially for my oldest and candy. It’s like a mental demon. If candy is in the house, they are going to be eating it, on the sly. So much so that I find wrappers hidden under chairs and beds and in the laundry and other original places like flower vases.

We’re in full candy season. If you have kids, it starts with Halloween and doesn’t stop until Easter. Some way or another candy is pouring into this household. I’ll throw or give away a lot out but I do keep some because they do get a treat after dinner. The oldest has been eating the candy from before I got my Halloween bags filled.

I don’t know that this child will ever beat the candy demon. My guess is as they age and metabolism becomes an enemy they’ll have to exercise some barriers. But until then, don’t get in the way of them and their Twix bars.

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