The Writing Series: Amazon

I’ve always used Smashwords to publish. I know they have a reputation as being the ‘randy’ publisher. I write some randy stories so that never bothered me. What I love most about them is they reach everyone…except Amazon.

I tried to use Amazon at first, way back when, but between my content and their Apple ‘let’s make this as hard as possible’ approach I was thrilled when I found Smashwords. It may not be cool but Smashwords are my people. Simple, easy to use, effective.

That said it’s time to get my content on Amazon. They have a huge audience I’m missing out on. So over the next few months as I write some short stories and try to get traditionally published I’m going to work on freshening up my current titles.

Most will undergo a cover update and a good read through and then a re-release under Smashwords and Amazon.

But my first Amazon title will be Impromptu, my upcoming historical romance. Stay tuned for my experience navigating the Amazon monolith.

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