The Writing Series: Like a Band-Aid

Well I’ve read and re-read this story. My professional editing reality didn’t work out as well as I hoped and I’m not going to spend any more money on this WIP. It’s time. But for the life of me I’m so insecure about sending it out into the world.

I keep pushing it off. I know I should hire a proofread or at least a beta reader. But I know I’d rather save those funds for the next story. I’ll extend my professional help learning curve over a period of time instead of one big investment where I probably miss half the lessons (both good and bad) to learn.

What has me most afraid is all the build up to this story. I’ve never spoken so much about one of my stories either before or after. I write them. Put them out there and then move on.

As any artist worth my weight, I am a fragile ego, a true narcissist. If it’s hated I will be hurt and then I will eat copious amounts of ice cream and that will be bad.

Either way, come December 1 this book is going live. I’m 2 months behind schedule but all in all it could be worse.

Here’s to trust falls!

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