Today the walls on either side of my office #carrel consist of dense blooming trees hiding patches of wildflowers and slippery moss. An open view lays in front of me to the azure heavens. Shall I tell you a secret? I may never go back. #vss365


I gave you my life

My love, my soul, my all, a

Lost #panacea

#vss365 #haiku


It was maybe the idea of it, the squeezing of her heart that embellished the line between actual and imagining. Because it was so intoxicating the craving left a #sapid staidness lingering around leaving her to wander about in a foggy mist somewhere on the edge of belief #vss365


The circle skirt was full, cinched at her tiny waist, hair sprayed. Dinner scents in the air, her #ambrosia dessert molded in its crystal serving dish. She forgot about that summer in France with him in lavender fields. Those days were gone, replaced by the perfect life #vss365


There comes a point where the threshold is met, where there isn’t a drop more of patience, where one is inured of it all and where the moment is now, not never, but now. Where what’s next and what’s left is all part of the ride but how we end is entirely on us. #vss365

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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