Changing it up here. Food today. It’s soup season. I love soup like all year round even in the jungle heat of summer. This week I made my not quite homemade chicken soup. So here ya go…

1 rotisserie chicken from your grocer, deboned

1 can diced tomatoes, drained (reserve the liquid)

3/4-1 cup of sofrito

2 tsp Herb de Provence

2 tsp Italian herbs

1 bay leaf

4 tbs olive oil

1 c Ditalini pasta (or your favorite)

1 c of mixed frozen vegetables (or you can do fresh of your favorite veggies)

1/2 c fz peas (because my kids love peas and the mixed fz veggies don’t have enough)

1/2c fz corn (same reason as peas)

2 tbs of Corn Starch (optional)

1tsp sugar (optional)

6 c chicken broth

Salt and pepper to taste

Sauté the herbs, bay leaf, olive oil for 8ish minutes until fragrant. Add the chicken, cornstarch, sugar and tomatoes. Sauté for another 5ish minutes.

Add the broth and reserved tomato juice and heat to a low boil. Add the pasta and cook for 5 minutes. Add the veggies. And viola you’re done. You could also add the veggies and pasta at the same time. But even though I’m from the deep south I hate overcooked veggies. I rather them crisp even undercooked so I separate those steps.

**Sofrito is a blended mix of aromatics. You can make this easily at home or buy store bought. Just add your favorites. Traditionally its onions, garlic, sweet peppers and I add carrots and celery. Blend in your blender to a mush.**

I only took 2 pictures. I’m really bad at this. But I also hate those blog posts that make me work so hard to get to the recipe. So here’s the final product. Crusty French bread and a glass of wine would make it a perfect! Salude!

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