Thank god that election is over. It was the worst of us, the very worst of us. I’m a libertarian somewhat conservatively bent on certain issues, liberal on others and down right anarchistic on no few.

Trump doesn’t fall into any of these categories. He proved to be a disturbing tyrant who clearly lost touch with reality. He operates like those superstars surrounding himself with sycophants who never give an ounce of honest counsel for fear they’ll be cut off from the hand that feeds them. And Trump is happy to swing his club of terror with alarming indifference for the chaos and hurt he causes.

Thing is I was rooting for him. I didn’t vote for him but when he got in he spoke of things that this country needed, like infrastructure and inward focus. It was time to put our issues a little bit ahead in the line. Not to cut off the world like he did but to say, ‘hey we’ve got issue too – can you handle this for awhile? We’ll help where we can but let us fix us so we can be stronger for everyone’. Of course he didn’t go about it that way.

If he had just addressed our infrastructure. If you’ve traveled to one of those modern countries (for the most part in Asia/Middle East somewhere) and also to maybe some glorious tropical get away (most likely in an emerging or 3rd world economy) you’ve seen the differences of infrastructure.

If when you returned home and realized the USA looks way more like a banana republic with its road and rails and wires hanging down in our yards and less like a modern superpower, you know it’s past time to start stepping into the 21st century. Just the eco-positive realities of baby steps into updating our utilities landscape could do wonders for us and our climate.

Had he only tried to start the arduous process of updating our infrastructure, this election would have been harder for some of us. Since he proved equally unproductive as he was unhinged it was a no brainer. His moral rot along side his abject failure to accomplish anything made the old joke of holding your nose and voting moot. You were voting for rot and nothing else.

So with our new president I extend the same chance. I root for him. Because if you want to know my opinion, Joe Biden, for all his decency, doesn’t strike me to have the skills to lead the USofA. But what I know more is the president is as much a figurehead as the queen and it is the experts the president surrounds themselves with that really lead the nation. Joe will have the best of the best from both sides to chose from. And I predict he will chose from both sides wisely. He also has a brilliant wife and don’t ever underestimate that value.

Moreover he is rational and will use that calm in taking the advice handed to him and making decision.

And that’s all I could ever ask for after the last 4 years.

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