Good Egg

I have this past client of mine. She has never forgotten about me even when I did a hard 180 from trying my hand at a more artistic career (personal chef) and going back to my old finance/consulting life. She’s always asking when I’m going to start cooking again.

And she always, always, remembers to send me and more so my kids gifts at EVERY holiday. All the time we come home and on the porch are big ole gift bags of Sees candies or gourmet Rice Krispy treats.

It makes me feel like a heel because sometimes I’m so busy I forget her other than at Christmas. So holidays will pop up and I’ll get a package and it’s from my friend. And you know what? Sometimes she sends stuff just because.

Like recently. A package came and I couldn’t put my finger on what it could be. I’m not going to lie. I have an Amazon problem. It’s just so damn easy for a busy person but this time I really didn’t think anything was coming. And what do you know? If it wasn’t my friend, looking out for me.

She’s a fellow fashionista. I heart her so dearly. There are these good people you will find along the way. She does this for everyone in her life. She throws parties and gives gifts and runs errands and checks in on all the old ladies in her building and me and everyone else in her life. She takes care of others without the slightest wish or expectation that anyone will do the same in return.

There aren’t many people like her in the world. I don’t know how I was lucky enough to find her. But I’m glad she’s there and I aspire to her level of un-intrusive benevolence.

Now to figure out which mask I should wear today…

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