The Writing Series: Plotting Part Deux

So I’m trying to plot something. I’ve never done this before and it’s not going well. I started with a flowchart and that didn’t work. Then switched to paper. It’s better but confusing.

I’m watching Judy Blume’s Master Class right now. She uses notebooks. I feel like I need something more visual than a bunch of words in a notebook. Don’t date me here, but I’m thinking about going down to the ole drug store and buying some good old fashion poster board and drawing it out that way.

I’ve even turned to Google my old friend. I’ve googled plotting and yes, the dreaded outlining and every other form of writing organization. Some interesting articles but I know my method is going to be it’s own special kind of weird and disorganized genius that works best for me. I guarantee it will be an abomination to the truly organized. That’s ok. As long as it works.

I have the beginning. I know there are 2 story lines. I’m struggling with the path to merging them.

Maybe I need 2 posterboards.

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