Once Upon a Vss


There it was rising, blooming, bubbling, gurgling, popping, churning, fizzing, thunderstriking, unflinching, overwhelming, exhilarating, demanding, possessing, expecting, intoxicating, knowing, gentling, uncompromising, breathtaking, notwithstanding #effervescent




And there was a #languor about the drooping branches, a giggling brook in the shadows. Voices whispered this way, this way before it’s too late, leaving speckled lights to mark the path through the dim trees. The slim breeze blowing her along to somewhere down the way



The mixed confusions of this weird truth had grown to be enough,

She shimmied and shook and wiggled and took a final shrug to slough,





I trace the edges of your face, all the tips and valleys, on the few pictures I still have. Imagining your skin beneath the rough of my fingertip. Open like a wound, stinging naked #sinew, hoping it was real. We were real. Before time says – no my silly girl you weren’t #vss365


I can be cryptic

Wordless, #potvalor, beguiled

You can too, my love



Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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