I’ve been on the hunt for a new marketing coordinator. My other person has decided to pursue something more in line with their interests. I always think that’s great when I see people do that. I wish I had been more proactive toward my career happiness. I know I still can be but insecurities and now responsibility still weigh me into indecision and complacency. I’m working on it. Ahh, I guess this is another blog.

Because the real thing I’m writing to say is – here is the deal. You don’t need a degree. I interview for 3 positions at my company pretty regularly: App Developer, Technical Analyst and Marketing Coordinator.

App Develpers are just that and need strong coding/app dev knowledge/experience. Tech Analyst might have coding but more so are very well versed on the technical side of the software we consult on. And the marketing coordinator needs to have good graphic artistry skills but also general marketing/sales skills and basically a jack of all trades because we are a small company.

I almost never put a degree requirement only the skills the candidate must have to be able to perform the job. That’s bitten me in the @ss a few times, most recently with the marketing coordinator. I get people with none of the skills and no degree applying. I know they just need a job and I feel for them, but you have to have one or the other.

I know this kind of thinking might not fly at a stodgy buttoned up firms like banks, consulting, etc. But most companies, particularly techie ones are like this. Though I find more and more even outside techie people see value is value, degree or no degree.

And we don’t pay less because of a lack of degree. Personally, I prefer someone who has experience and history in the skill I’m asking for. Degrees are fine but often just ivy covered fluff. I’ve lost track of the number of students I’ve interviewed, painfully full of themselves because of their degree and totally unsuited for the job. And more over not someone I want to deal with training their skills up because of their attitude. Degrees are fine skills are better.

BUT the big caveat is you HAVE to have the skills or you’ll need a degree. IMO I’d rather see the skills, work ethic, positive attitude. And when I see someone getting work skills experience while also juggling an after hours degree goal they are almost sure wins.

There is a new horizon happening. You don’t need an overpriced, somewhat useless degree to get a job. You just need skills.

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