Writing Series: Chapter 1

There are those writers who map out to the paragraph how the book will play out. They plot and outline and carve chapters. I’m not one of them. As I’ve said, most of my books have been fly by the seat of my pants.

That cavalier attitude has worked out sometimes and not so much other times. This book , well, it really didn’t work out at first, and took me a long time to find a path toward making it a good story. That was time that I could have spent planning beforehand or more so moving on to something else because I had planned beforehand.

Lesson learned. I plan to plot from now on. By plotting I will use something akin to a flow chart to map out my ideas until I hit a level of detail where I feel confident in the story’s purpose. I wont go to such a granular detail that I remove the whimsy and creativity of stream of thought writing.

Tangents can be great things even if you edit out and use them later somewhere else. You need to give yourself space to realize as you write that a character has more to add to something than you originally saw in your head. If you’re so limited by your road map you will certainly miss the grand Teton passing by.

I’ll never be that author so on point there isn’t wiggle room. So I’ll never outline other than very high level. And sure shootin I won’t be mapping out chapters. They will still probably go like they always have for me. Hmm, this looks like a good place for a chapter break.

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