Happy Halloween

Be careful in da streets tonight.

Well I made a video but WordPress is not my friend right now and won’t let me upload it. So here’s a picture for now. I’ll try to put the video here later.

I started with some BB cream on to project my skin. These are the photos I pulled inspiration from:

1st one I love the make up it’s so elegant and of course she’s gorgeous. 2nd one was en fuego.

I made a few mistakes. It’s not even and I don’t care. This is for fun. I also changed the design so I didn’t have to paint as much of my face since I break out really easily.

I got those paints online at amazon a few years ago. I should probably get some new ones because this stuff goes on my face. But it seems a waste.

Any think I’ve learned about this stuff is have fun. It’s not that serious.

And now I get to walk around all day like this. I say that like it’s a bad thing.

Be safe whatever you do

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