Sharing Is Caring

I’m rounding the corner on my Social Media (SM) detox. I started a few weeks ago and 30 days comes next week. I’m struggling with when or if I come back.

It wasn’t hard giving up FB. I rarely go on there. Twitter was harder because it’s my news feed. But Writer Twitter had become the flashing neon light too seductive to turn away from. It had become a black hole that wasn’t doing what I originally intended – advancing my writing.

When I began Writer Twitter, I decided to be as much myself as possible. All of my other accounts – work and personal – are buttoned up. They present who I need the world to see in order to avoid their judgements, gain business and portray a sane human. But I reasoned if people were to want to read my books, become a fan so to speak, they needed to know the real me.

Much like this blog, Writer Twitter presented me, who I am when I’m alone, who I am unguarded. No I didn’t tell all the gory details of my dark secrets, but I didn’t hide them either. It was an honest telling of me in a way that didn’t upset my introvert self too much. A way for others to know they weren’t the only ones struggling with certain things. A way for all to know I’m only human.

I find that is too much power to give the vultures circling the Twitter skies. Vultures often masquerading as eagles. Thing is I’ve been pretty lucky compared to others I see getting roasted and defamed.

WordPress has been different. Maybe because bloggers are shooting for the best them they can be and most are humbled by their limitations and open to their faults. I don’t see much of that on Twitter. That sort of real (plenty of the fake kind over there) self awareness doesn’t sell on Twitter.

What I know is the last day of this detox doesn’t have to be a hard stop and probably won’t be. It will be an ease back as I remember over this month I’ve written more, started volunteering, focused on my work, and propelled forward what may be a late in life career change. All things that were getting waylaid for the chaos of Twitter.

So I shall leave the lofty Twitter prophets to their perches. I’m reminded again my place is among the unsung and unclean. I’ll enjoy the view, from the ground, of all the shattered glass houses I see pontificating, crying outrage at personal injustice, around there. I have no interest in knocking any of them off their perches. I never did and still don’t – less so than ever. Still it’s not where I belong.

I won’t delete accounts etc and all that drama. It’s too hard to try to setup again and I do still intend to use it for writing marketing. But Writer Twitter is going to start looking a lot more like everywhere else SM for me. Focused on my writing, tidbits of articles, professional interaction. Personal Sharing Writer Twitter is closing for good.

I’ve met some awesome people who I will stay in touch with and who know how to get me. That’s kind of what spurred this post. They’ve been messaging me about a Halloween get together and Big Brother Twitter can find me even with notifications turned off. Those fledgling friendships will continue. Just away from the eye of Sauron. And also the other accounts that I love and respect.

So if you’re looking for me find me here and yes there but in edited, ready for release fashion.

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