The Writing Series: This Was Edited?

We’ve all been there. Reading a book and in your novice, unrecognized, author genius you’re thinking – ‘this was edited?’. More so ‘this got published?’. It’s particularly egregious in my home genre of Romance. I’ve read plenty romance novels thinking WTH?!

I know it’s romance and the bar is low but good god, we can do better than this. You know the crazy part some of them get big and made into movies. I can’t remember the name of the book or movie but it was about a rock star that goes home and reconnects with his ex. Who BTW has had a child for him and never told him for the most inane reasoning. It was one of those books where roads to nowhere prolonged fake conflict and bizarre down right stupid logic dictated motives.

That’s fine I could deal with that but the fact that it was terrible writing backed up by even worse editing makes me think none of what I’m doing to get better is worth it. I mean this was a successful book. I bought it based on reviews that loved it. It got made into a movie for the love of God. She may not be able to retire on her proceeds but she’s already made a heap ton more on her writing that I ever have. So who’s the dunce?

Thing is even outside of $0.10 novels I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen it in thrillers. I’ve seen it in chick lit. I’ve seen it in literary attempts. By seen of course I’ve read. I feel if I’m going to be condescended to for my genre or lack of success in publishing it should be from an industry that holds such a high level of expectation that only the truly worthy are noted and succeed.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. And when meritocracy falls apart the world starts smelling a lot like nepotism and cheap trends that they want to cash in on. The margins are so low for even the big publishing houses that they don’t have the funds to put out a well edited version for the smaller books that are likely to end up in the red. They have to save those efforts for their bigtime writers. The ones that hold up the scaffolding of the crumbling publishing industry.

Well this turned into a rant. Hmm. I am in a grumpy mood. So forgive me publishing industry, I scream injustice because I love you so. And I know books have have been taking a hard hit to other forms of entertainment.

My point was. Take your time. Read. Re-read. Re-do. Set it aside and come back to it. Whether it’s romance or literature do it well. Even if the bar seems to be lowered in some places. Don’t just bitch that it’s unfair like I just did.

It is. Still, whatever you do, do it better…better than that book you can’t believe is on the bookshelf from some big wig publisher at your local bookstore. Maybe that’s your legacy – unrecognized excellence.

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