Still VSSing

The Vss’ continue…


The summer breeze blew in by night dimming the shine of day’s fake light

Loaded words like humming birds, scattered #buckshot at innocent herds

A quickening, burning, no more relenting, a new


#sijo #vss365


Pastel #hydrangea,

cedar shingled homes, proper

in their order, not

a hair out of place, how she

tried but never could fit in

#tanka #vss365


If I swam not back and forth but out and out its microcosm would float me. Beyond the #littoral where the horizon was a mermaid’s song its unforgiving arches bobbing me. If I tired straining against currents it would quiet my soul accepting me back from where I came #vss365

This one bloomed in inspiration from a creative writing exercise.


Lovers tucked against each other like a fitted sheet, skin to skin. Humid lips on her nape, handfuls of her lush body. Cat stretches against the warmth of his safe cocoon. Deep kisses, suffocating, languid. A stolen moment, in the #gloaming, that only they will ever know #vss365


I shoulda been a farmer. Nothing like a sparkling dawn breaking across a #farm. And animals make sense. No confusion. No fool’s errands. It’s all pretty simple – if you love them, they love you, even the wildest, especially the wildest. Yeah, I shoulda been a farmer. #vss365

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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