Spice It Up

I’ve been away the past few weekends and last weekend had the pleasure of a rather delicious cocktail. So armed with the recipe from the bartender my mixologist is going to tackle making a few. It calls for a spiced simple syrup so I thought I’d show you how to make that.

You need whole:


Anise Star


Nutmeg – break it and use a few big chunks (ps I didn’t have this so I used ground)

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla extract works to but will change the flavor a little. Only use 1/4tsp of extract at most if you don’t go the vanilla bean route.

Use cheese cloth or a coffee filter or just a regular sieve to strain the spices once it cools. Yes I made a video. Yes, I’ll never be an influencer because this stuff is time consuming.

1st – don’t you hate how you sound in videos? Almost as much as I hate pictures. 2nd – the camera is not kind when it comes to adding pounds to a body. 3rd ignore the crumbs…I’d blame my children but I think that’s from the avocado toast I had for lunch.

Ok, I’ll make the drink next week. First I gotta go buy some Bullet Bourbon for it.

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