Trick or Treat

My oldest went out with friends to buy their costume for Halloween tonight. Give me a sec to cry big fat ugly cry tears over that. That was my tradition, rather our tradition.

This child loves Halloween and dress up. They are a star at our local conservatory. Every year we’d make an afternoon of going out to buy costumes and then coming home to wear them every day until the actual big day. Tonight I’m writing on my computer alone while they carry on this tradition without me. I probably should have a glass of wine. That would make all this a little easier.

This post, however, is on something other than the avalanche speed at which my children are growing up. This is about tolerance. I see it every year – people posting about giving candy to others who look like adults trick or treating. Because they may be autistic or disabled. Why would you deny someone like that? Really, why would you deny anyone?

Who cares if they are teenagers and they are so called ‘too old for this’? Are they dressing up in the spirit of the holiday? Because you know what I love to dress up for Halloween! Are they being respectful and just having fun? Isn’t this better than them being at a party where they may be getting into things like alcohol or drugs and girls that are dressed in wildly inappropriate attire reflecting the over sexualization of our kids?

Let me tell you from a mom’s perspective – yes it is.

There will be plenty of time for them to be too old for this or at parties doing all those things I mentioned. For now (like I’ve seen posted) if someone knocks on your door to trick or treat and you think they’re too old…

just give them the damn $1 candy bar, FFS.

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