Poetic Justice

Anyone remember that movie? Tupac was in it and Janet Jackson, Ms Jackson. It was really good if you haven’t seen it. Watch it.

Anyway, this batch is very poetic. Writer Twitter is dominated by poets. At some point I guess you join in or stand on the sideline cheering and going hoarse.


It was a bittersweet symphony playing as I laid down on my side. Because you and me are history, but happiness, more or less changed me. So if you want me to sing in your ear again I won’t say no. Asking, should I stay or should I go? Or wait, was that The Clash?

#verve #vss365


I’ve waded these jagged straits before my friend

And if you must know I don’t wish to again

Doubt, games left a hollow din like an offkey twangy #mandolin

Though it needn’t be a harsh finality

So I’ll wave to you from the shore en rose débuts as

I try try to

unlove you



To hold her, you risk pointy spindles hooking your skin, impossible to wiggle out. If you #drop her, she’ll run for cover hiding. If you look for her and she smells your fear, she will hiss. What’s to be done about a wild animal if she’s been hurt and is afraid to trust? #vss365


Things missed, those gone, only artifacts of remembrance. I saw him leave, a breath’s song, just a lingering of his essence. A #dreamcatcher, screen capture, it all seemed rather sad. But time moves on, and that was then. And it isn’t quite so bad #vss365


A crater dent adorned the hood of the old Pontiac, a donut wheel on the back left. Kai had a cast on his wrist. Sue drove wind blown & sunburnt.  No AC. A sign flashed #detour, under it another Most Dangerous Zip Line in the World. They smiled at each other as they turned #vss365

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