The Time Is Now

I wrote a post about the movie Sideways last week. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about an unsuccessful writer who goes on a road trip with his friend and goes through all the things you would expect in an existential style road trip movie.

His lack of success as a writer is compelling to many of us. When he tries to get his friend to reread his manuscript for the Nth time because he changes a few adjectives on page whatever it is so familiar. I laugh and cringe at the same time knowing I’ve done the same to my beta readers. Use your readers wisely. They only have so much patience.

The pivotal moment in the movie is when the writer, who is also a wine aficionado, opens a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc in a diner and drinks it out of a plastic cup, alone. Château Cheval Blanc is one of the best wines ever made. It is crazy expensive and you know from early in the movie he’s been hanging onto this bottle for an occasion. Something worthy to open it to. He had an occasion and it didn’t work out so in the meantime he’s just holding onto the bottle. Waiting.

Scene Cut.

I mentioned a bottle of Rothschild I had a few years ago in a post not long ago. Hands down one of, if not the, best wines I’ve ever had. We were at that same friend’s house not long ago talking about that night. They are back stateside. Our friend said he opened the bottle that night because the wine was at its peak or was peaking. He could have waited until he came back and maybe lose some of the experience opening it a few years later. Or he could have opened it on a great night with friends. One I know everyone who was there remembers with a smile. We all know which one he chose to do.

Scene Cut

How long do you wait for something? Till you’re drinking $2k bottles of wine alone in a diner from a plastic cup? Or at a table with friends eating cheap take out and laughing, making a memory?

I guess we all know the answer to that.

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