Well Done

I’m not chill. Like on any level. I try to portray an attitude of beach dudette whatevs but it’s a lie. I can at least acknowledge at my limitations. I guess I’ve gotten chiller as time has marched on. Children will humble you in ways you are ill prepared for.

I’m no longer shamed by my lack of Spicoli. I like that when someone hands me a project I’m going in headfirst, hands up, let’s do this! Regardless of what’s around the corner. Coupled with my no chill Type A personality is a complete lack of executive function skills. It makes for some interesting developments when you put these two limitations together.

However when I’m finished, whatever I’ve worked on, has the look of someone who tried like hell. Not just in a pat me on the head way but usually in an accomplished don’t ‘f’ with me way. (Sometimes not, but not often.) I’m going to put the time in, the overtime in, to figure something out, to do it well, to do it better than anyone.

Many like to ridicule this. Point fingers and snicker at effort and I’ve written posts on this before. Bleep them. Effort is good. And wanting to produce quality is noteworthy and noble.

As I type I’m looking at my collection of Hess Christmas cars given to my kids over the years. I recently threw out every toy we had. The time had come to move on. But I kept these. These are well made toys that harken from a past time when play was cherished, earned. The company hasn’t dropped the quality of their product over the decades even though they could and no one would know the difference. We’re desensitized to buy crap toys, toys that break in 1/2 hr, toys that are cheap and cheaply made.

But Hess knows. They know quality is the difference between good and great.

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