The Writing Series: I’m Too Sexy

There’s alot to say on this one. Sex scenes. Some authors will never face these dillemas. Roll their eyes and walk the high ground. Tip of the hat. Click out. You’ll only be offended by what’s about to be said.

The rest of you who may or may not delve into this, the questions are many and not just relegated to the Romance genre. Anne Rice is one of my favorite writers. If you are unaware, Ms Rice got her start in erotica. Then she moved on to the supernatural. Then she returned to her Catholic roots. She’s a testament that change is good and don’t be afraid of it.

One of my favorite books by her is Cry to Heaven. It follows the life of an 18th century castrati. I’ll let you read it or research it to understand the rest. Sufficed to say it was to me one of her best examples of sex and story. They played together with the subtly of the moon and waves. I love that book. So good.

I’ve seen questions asked on SM about whether writers include the details of sex scenes or just the innuendo or flat out avoid it at all costs. I can say this – whatever you do it’s a business decision. Flat out. You will decide what your market is and as a result tailor these moments to that audience. Graphic descriptions will lose some readers and gain others. And vice versa – not graphic enough will disappoint some readers if you led them on to believe more was coming. It may or may not be a wash who stays and who leaves and you have to be ok with that.

After that decision is made it becomes an artist’s choice. How deep (no pun intended) you go or not. I’ll get into the art of writing these scenes in another post. I’ve done them all from graphic to innuendo. I haven’t done sweet. More because I’m not sweet and that comes across when I try to fake it.

For now, keep in mind the main lesson of sex scenes is economics. If you’re writing a sweet wholesome story, love or not, you can’t be tossing in some hot ‘n heavy unless you want to offend all your readers. Likewise if you’re writing something that gave the impression some good scenes were coming, time to follow through and not be a tease.

Come to think of it those writers taking the high ground on this topic have it easy.

We’ll get to the good stuff next time.

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