Walk On

Walking is my favorite form of meditation. I’ve tried static meditation but my mind is too active. So I sit there mentally berating myself for not being able to stop thinking thoughts or I fall asleep. It’s all or nothing with me.

Walking has a monotony, rhythm, that is lulling and allows me to empty my head. My favorite time to walk is by the beach with the rumble of the waves, sometimes with music. And one of my favorite styles of music to listen to while walking on the beach is gospel. The sweeping sentiment fits well with the vast ocean.

I know the queen owns this one but I’ll level with you – I’ve never liked her versions. Sometimes two of my favorite genres mixed so a little Broadway and Gospel for you.

Here are some more fan favorites

Oprah asks you to sing something, you sing it.

The man who wrote this lost a child to disease, his livelihood, then his four remaining children in a shipwreck as they crossed the Atlantic. As he crossed to meet his wife, the only survivor, the captain brought him in and told him the exact place where the ship carrying his family had sank. He went on deck and wrote this song. Here’s one of my favorite variations of it.

Here ends the lesson. See you tomorrow!

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