Wow I’ve almost caught up to these. Just a couple more weeks and I’ll have to get serious about writing them again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I find it hysterical how some of these have no punctuation as I try to cheat the Twitter gods for characters.


It’s a #queer thing friendship, the ins, the outs. Understanding the fine crooked line of another human in all their imperfection, avoiding the chasms and cliffs. Stumbling on unexpected missteps. An impossible task but she missed her friend. And everyone needs a friend. #vss365


The #silver handle turned on the cavernous shower shooting water streams. Too far from her bottles, the cold air chilled as she reached for them. She didn’t want company when showering anyway and if she did want someone in there with her – then space was not the issue



The swarms buzzed in ashy swirls. Their hive was full and they were homeless.They floated to branches and over the heads of unsuspecting passerby trying each time to return home. A #bee alone in the world and habit is a hard thing to break and they wanted to go home.



No doe no bean no chedda

#Skint broke

Take a toke

You ain’t woke

Hustlin bustlin

Fight a stranger

There’s the danger

You were never their concern

The few, wish you knew

Played you like a fool

Just another stool



Barely livin

And you were never a concern



“Know what it means?”




“Yeah, Linux, Ubuntu”

“No, thought it was a made up name”

“No, it’s an African word. Means Humanity”

They smirk

“Fuckin’ billionaires”

“Ready? Do the honors.”

They push a button and wait

“Seems quiet”

“Yeah, guess Armageddon starts with a whisper”


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