I’m thinking about making Friday my new cocktail or maybe a general recipe blog day. As I come upon hitting my mark of 365 days of blogs (and holy hell that wasn’t easy), I want to make some of going forward a little easier. The vss Saturday taught me that having a theme takes a little of the work out of it. Which is nice. I only have so much creativity and if I’m going to be writing short stories and novels and running and owning an IT company and raising two children then maybe I need to be a little forgiving of my limitations.

So I’ll start this week with a cocktail I made a few weeks ago. Upfront – it was a fail. Yuck. It was syrupy sweet and overpowering. I was tired of margaritas so I looked up other tequila drinks. This one came up. It was no bueno.

My thoughts on fixing it. A lot of lemon and lime. Even less curacao and cointreau. And even still I don’t think I’d like it.

What was cool was that I had a blue glass tinted martini glass that really showed off the color spectacularly. Too bad the taste didn’t match the look.

Blue Diablo

1 1/4 Tequila

1/4 blue curacao

1/4 cointreau

Lime/lemon juice

Club Soda

Sugared Rim Glass

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